Kalibra Online Casinos

It is quite normal for players to be always on the hunt for new payment and settlement options especially when they are playing in online casinos gaming joints. In fact today more casino games are being played online when compared to the brick and mortar casino games. The very fact that such online games can be played sitting in the comfort of the home makes many people choosing online gaming methods. However, along with comfort of playing, players also comfort and ease of payments. They are ready to sign up with any payment gateway or service provider who offers safe, secure and convenient payment and withdrawals options. Hence it is now becoming common to see more and more people signing up for kalibra casinos. This is because these kalibra casinos accept the very popular Italian prepaid and rechargeable card that has been specifically designed keeping in mind the various online casino gaming players.

These Caliber prepaid cards allow the players to make withdrawals from and payment to their various kalibra casinos. These payments and withdrawals have the guarantee and support of major credit card companies like MasterCard and Visa. One more advantage with these Kalibra cards is that it can be used for withdrawing money from ATM subject to the limit that has been set in such cards. There are many ATMs outside Italy where too these cards are accepted. Hence it is easy to find a number of kalibra casinos even outside Italy which indeed is a boon to players.

Opening a Kalibra account is quite easy and it can be done either online, or by sending an email to the customer support department. When you are using these cards in kalibra casinos you must be aware of the fact that you can refill these cards to a maximum of 3000 Euros which is indeed quite substantial. Hence it really makes sense to switch over to Kalibra mode of payment to the extent possible, because of the various benefits available.